Design Career Guidance

Design Career Guidance

The field of design encompasses a wide variety of areas, including interior, floral, graphic, toy, fashion, commercial, and set design. Designers are charged with bringing aesthetic appeal and functionality to all sorts of aspects of life and are responsible for the creation of almost every object around us.

Most designers choose a specialty, such as interior design or fashion design, and pursue post-secondary training. Requirements for specialties vary; an interior designer must meet the requirements for licensure in the state in which they wish to practice (generally includes a bachelor's degree), while a floral designer might only need some on-the-job training.

Graphic designers hold the majority of design positions, with 209,000 laying claim to the occupation at a median annual salary of $46,750.

Other figures for design occupations include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Designers: 32,940 positions at a median salary of $61,580
  • Fashion Designers: 17,000 positions at a median salary of $71,400
  • Floral Designers: 57,500 positions at a median salary of $24,510
  • Interior Designers: 53,000 positions at a median salary of $51,020

Aspiring designers should seek out an educational program that will afford lots of hands-on practice opportunities and portfolio development. Internship experience is also key in the design field.

To learn more about the design field, educational opportunities in design, and design careers, see the resources provided below:

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